Taking the boots out for a walk around the house since I haven’t worn them really since a friend gave them to me 3 years ago. They still have zero arch support. Atleast now theres pumpkins on em so I might actually wear them now and then. 

Also I hope you like my pajamas.

Maybe I should look into patreon but would any of you guys actually be willing to throw some petty cash my way every month? I dunno if I have a following big enough to warrant having one of those. I’m only at nearly 800 followers. (by the way, yay almost 800 followers go us) Thoughts?

Who wants to commission me so I can get some nice wolf nails and fur gloves for a thrown together halloween outfit? Come on folks I just need like more ten bucks. 

Day 7: Gut Spill
A Quick drawing and out of order since I’m trying to catch up by doing whatever theme comes to me the easiest. 

Day 7: Gut Spill

A Quick drawing and out of order since I’m trying to catch up by doing whatever theme comes to me the easiest. 

So apparently what a lot of people are missing out on if they couldn’t watch Miku perform on tv themselves was what happened afterwards. So right after she finished and David waved her away that show ended and then the next thing you know some guy is chatting with his SASSY ROBOT SKELETON and kicking over a painting of a log fire in his fake fireplace. The amount of surrealness in just that 7 minutes of miku performing in front of a bunch of confused old white people followed by a metal skeleton with a mohawk explaining how a stagehand has to realign a fire painting from behind after the dude kicked it over is something I can’t handle at 1 in the morning. 



The real problem with people fussing over Pluto all the time is it represents the priorities of the public - preserving traditions rather than accepting facts. The pursuit of science is about building a sustainable catalog of truths, and there is no advantage in altering truths to appease nostalgia. 


I think if we just started talking about dwarf planets more often people would be happy, and realize also just how many other things are rotating around our sun. There’s nothing wrong with not having the “planet” label, but I can understand if people handle that it’s all or nothing when it comes to significance if thats all we ever focus on.

There’s potentially tens of thousands of little Plutos zipping around the outer areas of our solar system, and that’s really exciting to me. How can you not like something with a name like “Makemake”? And Pluto isn’t even the biggest dwarf planet, Eris is. Haumea is a lopsided bean with its own moons hanging out near Neptune. And then there’s a little dude called Ceres floating around our astroid belt between mars and Jupiter. Just accept that Pluto is a tiny baby and while you’re at it, take in all the other tiny baby planets around us. And name ALL of them. 


IM AT APE GUYS! Here’s my booth! Throw money and words at me!

Get squids!

Get art!

Talk to me with words!


This is the first guy who has ever recognized my Imaginary Monsters shirt in all of the years that I have owned it. Great stuff too! His art is now on my wall. 

I think I collect too many business cards when I go to this. I still have all the ones from previous years stuffed into a paper sack on my desk. It’s getting out of control.

The small, medium, and large categories of random things I got at APE this year. Had less money than usual this year so I mostly stuck with just getting pins and stickers I liked. Which was fun. Talked to a lot of people I didn’t know. I usually just go in blind anyways. 

Goretober day 3: Surgery

Goretober day 3: Surgery